Nature trips in Rhodes

See the untouched nature and the views of your lifetime. 

Nature trips

Discover the breathtaking nature of Rhodes. 

Nature trips in Rhodes
orchids in rhodes
Monolithos castle

Romantic mountain road trip gives the possibility to enjoy the sunset in Monolithos Castle.

Starting the journey from the highest point of Rhodes to the top of another mountain, Profitis Ilias, you can see almost 52 different species of orchids, which are bloom in spring and early summer.

Continuing the trip to the village of Embona, we pass the highest mountain of Rhodes. Attavyros is impressive for its massiveness and height of 1215 m. Arriving in Embona, known as a wine village, we will stop and visit the oldest wine cellar on the island, where those who wish can try authentic wines from Rhodes and all over Greece.

As you drive on, you will soon feel the smell of sweet honey in the air, which means nothing more than that the honey village of Siana is nearby. Here you can try the highly valued pine honey in Rhodes, as well as all other different male varieties. Rhodes is also known for its honey.

Having tried Rhodes wine and honey, it is time to dedicate ourselves to each other and so we will continue to travel to the fortress of Monolithos, founded in 1480. It offers wonderful views of the sea and the sunset.