MUssolin villa exhibition

real gem of rhodes

Mussolin Villa offers a stunning landscape of both Turkey and Symi island. 

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Villa de Vecchi , also known as Mussolini’s Villa is perched on the second highest point of Rhodes, Profitis Ilias mountain. This mountain rises at 760 meters southwest just 25 kilometers away from the town of Rhodes. It is a lovely wooded mountain that also serves as the home to some really interesting attractions. Because of its altitude the location of the villa offers a stunning landscape of both Turkey and Simi island. 

The islands had been under the control of Italy since 1912 when these were relinquished to the Italians from the Ottoman Empire. Villa de Vecchi was constructed by Mussolini’s adviser, Count Cesare de Vecchi from 1936 to 1947. The truth is that Mussolini didn’t really spend any summer in the villa, which was supposed to be the original plan. However, Vecchi himself resided in this Italianate mansion during his term as Dodecanese Island’s governor until 1947.

The wonderful views from the balcony of the Mussolini Villa, the history surrounding the villa and Profitis Ilias are definitely worth discovering and seeing!