Greek cuisine masterclass camp
with Toivo Niiberg

A week full of greek cuisine, interesting lectures, beauty of Rhodes and yoga. 
and stress eating” with master chef and Toivo Niiberg. 

Greek cuisine masterclass

” Bad people live to eat and drink, good people eat and drink to live.” Socrates


Toivo Niiberg – psychologist, teacher and counsellor has written more than 100 books, trained and counselled students and teachers.
Toivo Niiberg is also known as a horticulturalist and that is why we invite you to the wonderful island of Rhodes to rejuvenate your body and soul.

A week in Rhodes will give you the opportunity to meet a master chef of Greek cuisine and experiment with him with different Greek recipes, using the exciting garden produce recommended by Toivo Niiberg.

In order to take care of your body and soul, you are invited to participate in morning yoga classes with sunrise, which will give you a beautiful start to the day, and in Toivo Niiberg’s lectures on different aspects of stress:

Day 1. Stress, eustress, distress and burnout. Stress, distress, distress, stress, distress, distress and stress. Physiological stress – physiological stress, or physical stress. Hibernation or winter fatigue. Oxydative stress.

Day 2. Main social stresses and coping: work stress, family stress, school stress and child fatigue.

Day 3. Psychological stressors: fears, phobias, pains, grief, negative thoughts, etc. Psychological stressors. Chronic fatigue symptoms. Fatigue and suicidal tendencies. The formula for happiness and how to be happy. Vanga’s words of wisdom.

But to relieve stress, apart from cooking, which is one of the ways to relieve stress, we will make breakfast, get a taste of the hidden gems of Rhodes, explore the island and enjoy the turquoise sea and warm sun.

Greek Cuisine Masterclasses with Toivo Niiberg’s seminars take place in :

26.06- 03.07.2023
31.07- 07.08.2023

Registration with advance payment of 300€ and final payment according to the dates of the camps by 29th May and 3rd July, 2023.

Trips to the camps start and end in Rhodes, max 15 persons per group. Length of yoga camp: 1 wee

Price: 1500€ with flight ticket.

Price includes:

– Transfer from the airport to the accommodation and back to the airport at the end of the camp – Accommodation in a small and cosy aparthotel.
– Catering: breakfast in the aparthotel and dinner in a traditional Greek taverna.
– Air-conditioned minibus service during the week.
– Guided tours in Estonian (guided by Kadi Sentemente).
– Service of an Estonian-speaking tour guide at the destination.
– Morning yoga sessions with a professional yoga teacher
-Toivo Niiberg seminars 3 times a week
– Greek cuisine masterclass 2 times a week

Come by yourself or with a friend!